Saturday, November 11, 2006

Blog Internet Marketing

Blog Internet Marketing

There a millions of blogs on the internet today many of them are for the pourpose of Internet Marketing. This free from of expressing opions is revolutionizing the idea of gurrilla marketing. At first it just seemed like a cool way to express ideas it is now seen as a legit way to promote corperate entities and consumer products. Also it is a good way for marketers to easily accsess public opions on thier products. Public opion can make or break a corperation or new product regardless how much they spend on advertising. It only makes sense to judge somethings mertis based on public opion rather than taking the advertisers word for its legitamacy. Also someone with something to market could influe

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Blogging and the Internet

Blogging is becoming huge on the internet. Everybody and their grandmother has a blog now. And if you are blogger, you will understand why. They are so simple to create, update, and post on. As well, most of them are completely free, as opposed to a web site where you need a domain name and hosting space for it to sit on. There are many great blogging services that you can use to post a free blog. And blogs can be beneficial to the Search Engine Optimization process. In future posts, we will go more indepth as far as the benefits of blogging and how to make money from your blogs. Thank you for visiting, and come back soon.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Why Blogging why Marketing

Big subjects

why marketing

Money no

people yes reach the masses with your words

Bloogs a way forward. A Blog. What is this new crazy craze this new creature on the net the infamous blog. Blog is a shortened term for weblog. A place where one can keep a log of there lives their business or anything they like. Bloggs for the most part are free to set up and host, but you can pay and host your own, but I suggest starting with a service like blogger to provide the blog.

Next step stop reading go to and get a free account itll take five mins and post something. You can change templates and post as often as you like. Once you have an account you can change the template or do many thing we will get into later. So go open an account and play.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Rss and Blogging blog basics

This blog is developed to educate about the use of Blogging and Rss data feeds to improve your life as well as improve all your online marketing needs and campaigns.

What is a Blog

A Blog is an online weblog either for a person or specific topic like Blog Marketing here. Blog for the most part are free to set up and host unlinke web pages. Since most services like blogger have a back end CMS it is easy for the users to make changes and additions to your blog. Even if you have never made a web page a blog is even eaiser. Go to blogger sign up for a free account, follow the steps and start blogging in half an hour you can have your first post up and start to play with the diffrent options like adding pictures or changing templates. It is a very user friendly interface.

Blogs are a great way to share information, experience knowledge, opinion or just about anything else. There are many how to blogs like ours a how to use blogging to help with marketing and gaining viewers for your blog.

We also have a blog on Search Engine Optimization